Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer & Helge Lien

MEMNON – Sound Portrait of Ibsen Charachters
The Ibsen museum in Oslo asked the vocal performer Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer and the jazzpianist Helge Lien to do a Ibsen based concert, and they answered the question, by making non verbal sound portraits of some of the most important of Henrik Ibsens figures. The project  was recorded in 2012 and had international release in 2013. They have been touring in Norway, Sweden, Germany and India.

Stein til stein
The piece Stein til stein was originally made for the Oslo Poesifestival at the Litteraturhuset in september 2013.

Stein til stein – a poetry concert with Jon Fosses minimalistic and symbolic poems performed by Anne Marit Jacobsen, woven together with colorful voice sounds by Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer and Helge Liens piano landscapes.

Texts: ”Stein til stein” Poems by Jon Fosse (Samlaget 2013)
Music: Helge Lien and Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer
Performed by: actress Anne Marit Jacobsen, pianist Helge Lien and singer Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer

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