2024-04-16 | LCC Blog

Reflections after a tour – Exploring my music in a new light

The LCC studies has been an incredible journey for me, especially in how it’s broadened my perspectives on music—across all genres, including my own compositions. Recently, while touring in Germany with my trio, I found myself delving into my compositions in an entirely new light.

Until now, my focus has been on distinguishing between purely horizontal and vertical harmonic landscapes. Much of my music has leaned heavily into the horizontal, but I’ve been intrigued by the idea of transforming it into a more vertical expression. It’s been a challenge, as my compositions have their own established character, and forcing this shift has felt a bit unnatural.

Now, I’m immersed in the “Conceptual Modal Genre” lessons with Andy, and it’s introducing yet another exciting approach. I’ve discovered that this method harmonizes beautifully with my work, offering a multitude of ways to blend the vertical and horizontal aspects. It’s like finding a simultaneous balance between the two dimensions, opening up a plethora of new possibilities for my music.

foto © TJ Krebs