2024-03-26 | LCC Blog

Embarking on My Adventure

I was first introduced to the enigmatic world of the LC Concept many years ago during my time as a jazz student at the Academy of Music in Oslo. The name Jan Garbarek was often mentioned in connection to it, yet no one seemed to have a clear explanation of its essence. It remained a nebulous concept, shrouded in mystery.

As I delved further, I discovered the strong ties George Russell had to Scandinavia, particularly his years living in Oslo during the 1960s. Some of my teachers had even worked alongside him. Still, the essence of the LC Concept remained elusive, wrapped in an aura of myth.

Years later, as an established musician and educator at the academy, I resolved to unravel this mystery. I stumbled upon a copy of the book in our library and began to explore its pages.

The initial pages spoke of “tonal gravity,” a concept that captivated me instantly. I immersed myself in its intricacies for months, allowing the idea to germinate and take root within me. With each passing day, I found myself drawn deeper into its depths.

Eventually, I ventured further into the text, encountering discussions on the five tonal orders and the seven principal vertical scales. It was as if waves of understanding crashed over me, each revelation more profound than the last. I was enthralled.

The LC Concept became a constant companion in my musical explorations, offering a wealth of insights into the mysteries of harmony. It became a framework through which I could navigate the boundless possibilities of improvisation.

After years of solitary exploration, I felt compelled to share the LC Concept with others. I developed an elective course at the Academy and began introducing it to students across various bachelor classes.

During this period, I discovered Russell’s certification program, meticulously crafted to guarantee the faithful transmission of his teachings. Andy Wasserman, Russell’s dedicated editorial assistant for two decades during his work on the 4th and final edition, and the author of the book’s foreword, had assumed leadership of this endeavor at the request of Mrs. Alice Russell of Concept Publishing and the George Russell Legacy Project, both of which are under her supervision. Driven by a desire to delve deeper into these teachings, I eagerly contacted Andy and embarked on my educational journey under his expert guidance.

From that moment on, I was swept away by the profound currents of the LC Concept. I found myself utterly consumed by its depth and richness, surrendering my tonical authority to its transformative power.

© Helge Lien