Lyden av Prøysen is out on CD

The commission work, Lyden av Prøysen, is released on Grappa. Lyden av Prøysen is a collaboration between Helge Lien and Sigurd Hole, and it is written for an ensemble consisting of a string quartet, bass clarinet, saxophone, two drummers, bass, guitar, piano, and three vocalists. It is based on the work of the famous norwegian folk singer and lyricist Alf Prøysen.

Lyden av Prøysen is commissioned by Musikk i Hedmark.

You can read more about it here. (in Norwegian)

Photo of the Helge Lien Trio musicians: Frode Berg, Helge Lien and Per Oddvar Johansen in white overalls. Black and white with a tint of sepia.

New drummer in Helge Lien Trio

Our good friend and master of the grooves, Knut Aalefjær, is moving on to a new playground. In comes the renowned Per Oddvar Johansen: A versatile and powerful drummer, a truly exquisite musician. Our first concert with Per Oddvar will take place in Tokyo, Japan, in september.

Our last concert with Knut will be at Dølajazz in Lillehammer, Norway – which is more or less where it all started 13 years ago. During these years, Knut has been a keystone with his steady beats and innovative ideas – and has contributed majorly in the development of our trio’s sound.